Welcome to The Moniaive Chocolatiers “The World’s First Tartan Chocolate”

The Moniaive Chocolatiers is in the process of many changes. Tartan Chocolate was registered as a Limited Company in September 2018, an entity which exists under the umbrella of The Moniaive Chocolatiers, and since March of 2019 we have been in the process of rebranding the business. This involves redesigning our website, packaging and logos. We have photographer Philippa Leslie on board to update our photographs. Her work is gradually being added to our website and social media. We are making efforts to improve our social media presence. Our website and media will comprehensively cover all elements of our business; it has changed a lot over the past ten years and we need to fill you in! 

Buying chocolate should be an experience; an indulgence; the ultimate in taste bud temptation. The Moniaive Chocolatiers offer a combination of all three, built on innovation, fairly traded organic ingredients and unique Scottish artisanship.

Innovation and Scotland, of course, go hand in hand so it is hardly surprising a small operation in a picture postcard village deep in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway in the rural south west should come up with a world first.

Tartan chocolate oozes everything Scottish while emphasising the country’s cosmopolitan philosophy through the use of fair trade products from across the world with a heavy emphasis on the organic to create a wee national treasure.

Tiny Tartans and Taste o’ Tartan bars spearhead a range of mouth watering products. All available to purchase right here from our website.